For the past week, I’ve been eating lactose/dairy. I visited my GI and found out I do not have celiac disease (yay!), so she gave me the go-ahead to start adding other categories back into my diet. My GI was thrilled that FODMAP worked so well for me and that we would not have to proceed with any invasive treatments. She told me that it’s OK if I want to eat bread, or ice cream, or beans, but to do it in moderation. In other words, no more gluten daily, I can have it once a week or as much as I can tolerate. And she let me decide what I wanted to add in first, and I decided to start with dairy, then excess fructose (finally, I can try apples again!), followed by polyols, and finally, fructans. I am staying away from the beans category, since that has always bothered my stomach, and I stopped eating them a long time ago/BF (BF: Before FODMAP). So I decided my first test should be real ice cream, which is something I’ve always loved. My husband and I went to our local ice cream parlor for the occasion. I really wanted cookies and cream (MY FAVE!) but the employees advised against it due to the freezer burn. I ended up having mint cookie, and it was disappointing! Not very tasty, and the cookie bits were really hard. I threw most of it out, which was unheard of prior to FODMAPS. It just didn’t taste good. Could it be I am now solely a gelato gal?? I was expecting this unbridled ecstasy at finally having real ice cream, but MEH. It was just OK. I’ve also had milk several times, and tolerated it well. I tried ice cream again at home, and got a bad stomachache, so I guess that’s my answer to dairy: milk yes, ice cream, probably not.

While I’m slowly adding things in, I believe I know my culprits: fructans. Which really sucks, because I love bread/gluten more than life itself. If you follow this blog, you know of my eternal struggle to find delicious gluten free pizza, and how lame it’s been. This past Wednesday, my job celebrated all birthdays in July, and a co-worker brought in cake for all of us to have. I decided to have a piece, just to see how I’d react. And, as I feared, I reacted very poorly. About 30 minutes after eating the cake, I got a migraine, that lasted for over EIGHT HOURS. I was also lethargic, cranky, and had GI upset, including gas and bloating. On Saturday, my husband got pizza from my favorite pizza place and I decided to have a small piece. I got a headache (although not as severe), a stomachache, and was constipated. So, I think I have my answer: gluten is a once in a while, maybe once a month or once every other week as a treat, if I’m willing to put up with the headaches that come with it.

While I’ll continue adding in other categories, I really like the way I feel since starting this diet. I haven’t lost any weight (everyone said I would), which just goes to prove the myth of “gluten makes people fat!”. No, it doesn’t. Eating a lot of anything will contribute to weight gain. I cut out gluten, but kept eating balanced, proportioned meals, and stayed at the same weight.

I’ll be continuing this blog for my own record of health,to post successful, delicious low FODMAP recipes, and to record my experiences going back to school! That’s right, all of my health issues made me realize that I wanted more training in holistic-based counseling approaches, so I’ll be getting my post-bachelor’s certificate in Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness studies. I hope I can write about things that I”m learning. This week: I’ll be trying to make low FODMAP spaghetti and meatballs, wish me luck!


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