The Fiber Guessing Game

I can’t sing the praises of low FODMAP enough. I still feel great, and am experiencing considerably less digestive issues. With one caveat…the fiber guessing game. I’m not sure if I’m eating enough fiber. I used to rely on whole wheat everything and KIND bars to fulfill my fiber intake, but cutting out gluten and chicory root means I have to find other sources. I think I’m eating enough fiber through fruits and vegetables, but my digestive tract would beg to differ. I’ve been trying to set weekly goals, even before low FODMAP came into my life, so my goal for week 4 is to monitor how much fiber I’m actually eating. Kate Scarlata R.D. has some great ideas for getting more fiber, so I’ll be trying to follow her suggestions for the next week.

Highlights of the Week:
1. We tried gluten-free pasta, and it was good! It took a little longer to cook than gluten pasta, but the taste was the same. GF pasta + Rao’s Sauce for Sensitive Stomachs=a happy Italian! I’m so glad I don’t have to cut pasta out of my diet. We had Rozini pasta, and I added some leftover hamburger meat that I had cooked earlier that week.

2. I found several restaurants in the Detroit area that have a lot of gluten free products, including Bigalora, which not only has gluten free pizza, but their white pizzas contain NO SAUCE (yay!) and can be made without garlic and onion! It was an awesome treat. Again, gluten free pizza=a happy Italian!

3. I had breakfast with my best friend at an omelette shop that puts GREEN ONIONS in their omelettes! I could request them! The omelettes were made without milk, and they were served with potatoes, not bread. So happy!! I had a spinach and tomato omelette with unspiced homefries.

Lowlights of the Week
As mentioned above, the fiber issue! And, I have been neglecting my exercise routine which may explain why I’m having a slower digestive tract. Also, while I’m thrilled to have found two restaurants that are low FODMAP “safe”, I still need to find more. It’s my understanding that the low FODMAP idea is more common outside of the US, so it is difficult at times to find information about it, recipes, and places to eat. When I tell dietitians and nutritionists about this diet, most of them have never heard of it! There are a few really good US-based blogs that focus on FODMAPS, and I’m still scouring those sites to see which ones work well for me.

Goals: Eat more fiber! Exercise! And rejoice for the green onion omelette!


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