Beginning Week 3, and some ideas…

Week 3 begins! I feel great, physically. My stomach has remained calm, cool, and collected. I’m going to start recording what FODMAP free recipes I’ve tried, and how good they’ve been, as well as identifying items at different restaurants that low FODMAPpers can eat. That has been the biggest struggle. Why does everything I love have garlic and/or onion in it?! I can live without the bread, as long as there’s potatoes, rice, and gluten-free bread products to fill the void. But living without onions or garlic? Meh. It’s a lot harder than I thought. Scallions and chives are a decent replacement, but it’s not like a lot of restaurants are offering this as a replacement. If I can chronicle low FODMAP, mass produced restaurant food, it will help me figure out where I can eat and what I can have there, without having a lot of frustration.

This past week, I had a few successes, and a few failures. I successfully made hamburgers, without onions, without bread crumbs, and they were delicious! Organic ground beef, salt, and pepper is all anyone needs to make a delicious burger. With a side of rosemary roasted potatoes and topped with pickles, I hardly noticed the absence of a bun. Also, I made AWESOME peanut butter chocolate bars, courtesy of Detoxinista. These lasted about 2 days before being completely consumed. I enjoy finding recipes that remind me that being low FODMAP doesn’t mean I have to give up everything I love.

Another success was the chocolate strawberry shake I made as a snack. It’s a variation from this recipe from Gluten Free Goddess , with FODMAP free vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder , maple syrup, cacao nibs, and frozen strawberries. It really hit the spot on this hot day. Not overly sweet, and chocolatey.

The failure: I made a salad from ohsheglows, and while it was good, the dressing was too thick. And I omitted garlic, which was pretty obvious. It just tasted like peanut butter over lettuce, ick. So, the dressing needs more finagling. I also tried the trendy “salad in a mason jar” trick, which was a beautiful display, but not practical for mixing or eating (talk about finagling…wedging my fork to the bottom to try to mix the salad…Oof).

Finally, I thought id try this recipe from William Sonoma for polenta pizza crust. I was really, really excited about this one. But both my husband and I were disappointed. Granted, my husband is a pizza expert, and I didn’t completely follow the recipe (made it square instead of round) , but it left much to be desired. It was pretty spongey, which makes sense for polenta, but we were hoping it would crisp up a bit. While I am willing to make it again, I think I lost my husband forever on the “polenta as a pizza crust substitute” idea. Adjustments to try:
1. Follow directions and make it round.
2. Cook less polenta
3. Add Parmesan cheese and Italian herb mix to polenta after it cooks for better pizza flavor.
4. Cook crust first, then put toppings on and cook again.

This week: we try gluten free pasta! Looking forward to that, and trying polenta pizza crust again.


2 thoughts on “Beginning Week 3, and some ideas…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hiya! It’s lowFODMaPliving here. Just wanted to offer that carrots and celery have become an excellent aromatics replacement to garlic and onion. And yes – they are EVERYWHERE!!! I never would have guessed those little rascals were some of the prime instigators to my digestive woahs, but anytime they sneak into my food now, I feel awful.

    I use carrot and celery in my soups, sauces, meatballs, etc and I love love love it. My high FODMaP husband does too.

    Good luck and happy cooking! So glad you are feeling the benefits to this new way of life.

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