Second week and wanting to eat!

I’m in the second week of the FODMAP elimination diet. So far, still feeling pretty good. I made flourless cake for a work party today, and had two slices. Leading me to the next issue…

Low FODMAP requires a lot of planning. And because I’m not planning, I’m always hungry. This week, I mapped out dinners with Matty.
Tues: vegetarian stir fry with rice
Weds: sandwiches
Thurs: hamburgers and potatoes
Fri: polenta pizza

For lunch, I’ll be eating a salad I found on; with dressing adapted for FODMAP issues. Snacks include multigrain chips from Food Should Taste Good, and dark chocolate squares from Theo…and apparently, two helpings of flourless cake! But the cake tasted amazing, and I did share with the office, so….yea. It’s totally OK.



I started a low FODMAP diet this week at the advice of my GI. In April, I experienced severe stomach pain for over a week. One trip to the ER and many tests later, and no conclusion could be reached!

Low FODMAP may be the way to go! I feel better than I have in years! My bloating has gone away, my heartburn has diminished, and all things bowel are normal!

Feeling this way is a revelation. I can’t believe changing my diet made this much of a difference.

My only real issue is cooking. It’s really hard to find gluten free, dairy free, onion free, garlic free, and syrup free EVERYTHING. so far, I’m mostly eating salads. But I will be recording all low FODMAP attempts in this blog. I made a vegan gluten free dessert, can’t wait to see how it tastes!