I have not made progress regarding my eating. It’s semi healthy, but not enough. Still feeling bloated and heavy most of the time. My mood also remains depressed and angry.

Regarding working out, I made some progress! I have used the elliptical, practiced yoga, and am continuing Pilates. My body is looking a little different. Working out temporarily lifts my mood, which is a start.

Goals for the next few weeks are to maintain workouts, and eat more vegetables daily. That always helps reduce bloating, which reduces self loathing.


Still maintaining

This has been the worst week yet. I found a lump in my breast, which needs to be examined. I’m starting to get scared. I continue to grow larger. My jeans are all too tight. If I’m not at work, I’m in sweat pants.

Food combining hasn’t been happening much. Neither has exercise, with the exception of the free Pilates program.

I don’t make time for exercise, which is usually so important to me. My goal for this week is to make more time. I’m going to use the elliptical on Saturday, do yoga Sunday, and I want to get up early and use the elliptical on Monday. I’m not sure where the motivation to get up at 5.20am will come from but I hope I can find it and reach this weekly goal.


I am not overweight but I’m out of shape. I always equated one with the other. I used the elliptical today and lasted 20 minutes before having to stop. I used to be able to use it for 45-60 minutes with gasping for air.

This week was rough; bloated, thirsty, out of shape…and my stomach has been challenged. I started a free Pilates program, I’m planning on doing yoga several days this week, and using the elliptical. I hope things improve by next week!